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Q: Does Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care take insurance?

A: We are happy to bill almost all insurance!

Q: Why does a free-standing ER and a hospital ER visit for an orthopedic injury cost more than Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care?

A: Most emergency room prices are inflated based on the rates at which insurance companies will reimburse a hospital and free-standing ER on a patient’s behalf. (That’s why a single aspirin could cost as much as $30). In addition, hospitals and free-standing ERs are allowed by law to charge a ‘facility’ fee. This fee, which ranges from $150-$400 per visit, is added to already higher treatment fees. This causes ER visits to cost significantly more than out-patient orthopedic treatment like Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care provides. Plus you’ll actually be treated by an orthopedic specialist, the correct physician for your injury.

Q: How much money can I save with a visit to Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care vs. hospital ERs and free-standing ERs?

A: Each patient’s visit to an ER is unique. And with such, each patient’s bill will vary. However, here is a typical pricing comparison with 2 Lufkin-area hospital ERs versus the same procedure by Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care:

Procedure: X-rays, Splint, Facility Fee

  • Woodland Heights Medical Center: $1921.70
  • CHI/St. Lukes Regional Medical Center: $2200.00
  • Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care. $504.00 (a savings of nearly 70%)

Note: Hospital Emergency Room Facility Fees can range into the thousands depending upon the procedure.

Q: How long will I have to wait to be seen at Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care?

A: Typically the wait time is under 5 minutes.

The average emergency room wait times until initial exam for a non-critical ER patient in the Lufkin area can range from 1-3 hours on average.

Q: How much time can I save having Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care treat my injury vs a hospital ER?

A: When you compare Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care with the four largest Lufkin area hospitals’ average treatment time, we are by far the quickest and most efficient orthopedic care provider:

According to HospitalStats.org, the average emergency room total visit times for a non-critical ER patient in the Lufkin area is 3 hours and 36 minutes.

Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care's average overall visit time is less than 1 hour.

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